After 32 hours of bowling, 1.725 games from almost 100 bowlers we have a winner.

Adam Pawel Blaszczak from Poland wins his first RIG Bowling tournament. Adam who lives in Iceland was in the finals for the second straight year and put up a show for us all. The tournament rules are that the top 4 bowlers compete in the Television match, all on the same pair of lanes and the lowest score goes out after one game. Then three are left who bowls another game and after that, two fight for the championship.

In the first game Adam took the lead and bowled 243. It was EJ Nenichka from Fort Worth Texas who was eliminated after the first game. Hafþór Harðarson ÍR Iceland and Robert Anderson Pergamon Sweden got through the first game.

In the second game Adam shott 300 and locked like a man on a mission. It was Robert who did not made the cut, so it was down to Hafþór who won RIG Bowling 2020 and was in second place 2021 and Adam to fight for the title.

Hafþór started the final match aggrievedly and looked like he was going to take it yet another time. Going into the 10th frame Hafþór had the possibility to score 279. Adam was trailing at that time with a possibility of a 256 game. Adam got 2 strikes, but Hafþór got 9 in his first shot in the 10th frame, leaving the 10 pin standing still. Hafþór then missed the 10 pin so Adam just needed 2 pins his last shot to take the title and he got a strike winning then 256 against 247.

This year we had bowlers form 10 countries joining us in the tournament.

We thank them all for participating in the tournament and hope that everyone has had a good time here in Iceland.