Hafþór Harðarson won RIG Bowling 2020 when he bowled 259 against 253 (with 8 pin hcp) from PWBA player Danielle McEwan. The finals were live at the National TV station, the broadcast can be seen here.

Hafþór finished the qualification rounds in seat 10 and by the tournament rules qualified to the Final Step 2. There he bowled against a young girl that qualified into the Final steps as the highest girl U18 outside of top 24, Eyrún Ingadóttir. Eyrún advanced from Final Step 1 by winning her opponent by a roll off after a tie in game 3. Hafþór then met Stefán Claessen # 7 in Final Step 3 and won that duel with 2 – 0. In Final Step 4, top 8 bowlers, Hafþór had the lowest seat ranking number and thereby was given the task to bowl against PWBA player Maria José Rodriguez who had lead the tournament from day one. Hafþór won the first game wint 279 against 214, lost the second game with only 179 against 221 but then secured his spot in the TV final with a 236 game against 164.

In the finals Rikke Agerbo from Denmark was the first player eliminated from the finals. Next was PWBA player Daria Pajak from Poland who went out and the final match was something for the viewer both in the bowling center as at home.

This is the first time Hafþór wins RIG Bowling tournament.