Andri Freyr Jónsson from Keilufélag Reykjavíkur won the bowling tournament on RIG 2021 when he bowled 225 against 214 from Hafþór Harðarsson ÍR. The finals were live on Icelandic National TV RÚV and here is a link to the broadcast.

Andri came into the finals in 10th place in qualification rounds with 1.311 series and worked his way through Final Step 2 all the way into top 4 bowlers that bowled in the TV finals. In the finals this year was Hafþór Harðarson who won RIG bowling 2021, Adam Pawel Blaszczak ÍR and Jón Ingi Ragnarsson KFR. Due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions no foreign guests where invited.

Let’s hope that 2022 will bring us the opportunity to get guests but for now let’s take care of ourselves and the people around us.